Dicono di Noi

Best Gelato i have eaten. This is our second visit within 2 days. Lots of flavours . Especially the weather is very hot these days (about 29-32C) these heavnly scoops of gelato was breath taking. The place is at the touistic site of most famous collosiun and foro roma s backside just beside circus maximus. If you on hop on hop off bus , it stops on the other side of the circus maximus. So you have you have to walk just the other side of it. My favorite flavours is tiramisu, nutella and cheese cake. Good work.

Me and my family came in for some coffee but i was blessed by the presance of an angel. Her chocolate brown hair was done in a single braid. As i admired her i could see that she hasnt had the easiest life yet here she was managing a mediumish size cafe/dessert shop on her own. In the short time i was there she served more than 3 diffent groups of customers and cleaned the floor at no point was she not working. If only i had the courage to talk to her. If she happens to read this i would like her to know that she is valued and if anyone cant see her worth they dont deserve to have her in their life. The only thing that i was disappointed with was that i didnt get to see her smile fully she gave the smile u do when your working The ice cream was amazinggggggggg

Ok my main objective for this trip was to look for the keyhole! I was so tired from walking around and needed to use the restroom. I ask the young lady if I can use the restroom and I would get something to drink afterwards, she was so nice. and told me sure no problem. The place is so cool and relaxing plus the Gelatos are sooooo gooood !!! and the place is so friendly and inviting


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